Floral Milk Bath Salts

Fig + Yarrow

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Fig & Yarrow Floral Milk Bath Salts

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FLORAL MILK BATH is an aromatic blend of beautifying florals in skin-softening buttermilk and therapeutic minerals.

+ pure essential oils of jasmine, ylang ylang, geranium and rosewood provide skin-enhancing and mood calming benefits. 

+ magnesium salts aids detoxification and promotes mental and physical relaxation. + salts from the dead sea mineralize the skin. 

+ baking soda is alkalizing which encourages the body toward it’s naturally healthy, disease resistant state.  

Give a few intuitive shakes of FLORAL MILK BATH into tub of warm water preferably just before getting in so as not to miss out on evaporating essential oils; disperse by hand while breathing in and washing floral milkiness over skin.

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